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Tell Christie: Sign Open Space Bill

New Jersey is the nation's most densely populated state, and we're running out of open space.

Back in 2014, voters took action to keep parks, farms, and historic areas from being developed. But that dedicated money for open space has been accruing in the Treasury and can't be spent predictably until Governor Christie signs the Open Space Implementation Bill.

Once this bill becomes law, New Jersey will have reliable, dedicated funding to preserve open spaces, parks, farms, and historic areas, and to clean up polluted areas. The bill also guarantees that the funds don't get diverted to pet projects or used to plug holes in the state budget.

Last year, Governor Christie pocket vetoed a similar bill. It's time for Governor Christie to do the right thing. Nearly two-thirds of New Jersey voters supported open space funding, and the full legislature has voted for it twice.

We can convince Governor Christie to change his position, but we've got to flood him with messages so that he sees the overwhelming majority of New Jerseyans and their elected representatives support this law!

Tell Christie: It's time to listen to New Jersey voters who overwhelmingly supported the open space ballot measure in 2014. Sign S.969/A.780 to allocate open space funding.

Organized by Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, Monmouth Conservation Foundation, New Jersey Audubon, New Jersey Conservation Foundation, New Jersey Highlands Coalition, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, NY-NJ Trail Conference, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, South Jersey Land and Water Trust, Trust for Public Land

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