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Tell Governor Christie: Protect New Jersey’s Drinking Water

New Jersey could face a water crisis similar to California if the Christie administration doesn’t act now.

Counties across the state are rationing water, and water supplies in parts of Cape May and Cumberland counties are contaminated with salt water. Groundwater supplies are being depleted across the state.

New Jersey’s population is growing, and we’ll need more drinking water in years to come. Yet the policies that ensure we have the water we need haven’t been updated in nearly two decades. It’s unacceptable that the state has not taken action to ensure clean drinking water for everyone.

Governor Christie must release the state Water Supply Master Plan now. Without this plan, New Jersey can’t address our aging water infrastructure and plan for the demands that are being placed on our precious water.

Add your name to tell Governor Christie to prevent a water crisis similar to what’s happening in California, and approve a new Water Supply Master Plan.

This petition is sponsored by American Littoral Society, the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, New Jersey Highlands Coalition, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, and Pinelands Preservation Alliance.