Forests are critical to our environment, economy, and way of life. They provide cleaner air and cooler summer temperatures, filter pollution, increase property values, provide food and shelter for wildlife, help combat climate change, and reduce polluted runoff. But Maryland is losing its forests at an alarming rate.

Three bills before the Maryland House and Senate present a comprehensive package that would make tremendous strides in restoring and protecting Maryland's vital forests. These bills include commissioning a study of the current state of forest policy, redefining the definition of "no net loss of forest" in the current state policy goal, and addressing several issues related to the Forest Conservation Act's Fee-In-Lieu program.

Contact your state legislators and tell them how valuable forests are to our environment, economy, and way of life. Tell them we need to protect forests now and for generations to come. Urge them to support these important bills.

Organized by:

Audubon Naturalist Society
Baltimore Tree Trust
Blue Water Baltimore
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Maryland League of Conservation Voters
National Wildlife Federation
Rachel Carson Council
Rock Creek Conservancy
Severn River Association

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