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It’s 2020. Pledge to Encourage Three Friends to Vote by Mail!

In Pennsylvania's June primary election, Pennsylvanians voted by mail for the first time ever -- and the response was massive. Over 1.5 million people voted that way. But, analysis shows that voters who requested their mail-in ballot closer to Election Day were less likely to have successfully voted. If that problem repeats itself in November, it could mean millions of people who try to vote by mail won't get the chance to.

The best way to address these problems and ensure every vote counts is for voters to request their mail-in ballots early and return their completed ballots the same day. But it's only going to work if we all do it and urge our friends to vote by mail as early as possible, too.

You can make a difference this election simply by encouraging 3 friends to vote. Pledge to triple your vote today, and before Election Day, we'll remind you to reach out to those 3 friends.

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Center for Coalfield Justice
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