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Tell State Environment Leaders to Follow Through on Climate Change Commitments

New Jersey's scientific leaders and environment experts released an alarming call to action: we have a short window of time to make major reductions in carbon emissions if we're going to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.1

Unless we go all in to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the next few years, life will likely look extremely different for our children and grandchildren. We can likely expect to see an increase in scorching summer heatwaves that endanger the lives of the elderly and keep kids from playing outside and increased flooding from stronger and more frequent storms that put even more homes and businesses at risk.2

The Department of Environmental Protection has laid out an ambitious plan, called Protecting Against Climate Threats, to prepare New Jersey's communities for climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, avoiding development in flood zones, and restoring wetlands and green spaces that capture carbon emissions. But developers and big polluters have already started pushing back, and we know they are going to do everything in their power to block these bold new rules.

We have a shot at avoiding the worst, potentially irreversible impacts of climate change, but we need to keep the pressure on the DEP to stay strong and push for the most ambitious plans possible. Sign the petition now to tell the DEP that New Jersey needs bold, science-based policies that will help address climate change and prepare our state for the changes ahead.

To DEP Acting Commissioner:

We believe we have a moral obligation to our children and grandchildren to protect the natural environment. It's up to public officials to do everything in their power -- right now -- to combat the climate crisis and advance bold policies that drive swift, economy-wide emissions reductions using the best available science. Specifically, we strongly support efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions and plan for sea-level rise under the Protecting Against Climate Threats rule changes, and we urge you to oppose efforts to weaken these standards.

Organized by:

Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions
New Jersey Conservation Foundation
New Jersey Highlands Coalition
New Jersey LCV
Pinelands Preservation Alliance
ReThink Energy NJ
Surfrider Foundation Jersey Shore

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1 New Jersey's Global Warming Response Act 80x50 Report, Department of Environmental Protection. October 15, 2020.
2 2020 New Jersey Scientific Report on Climate Change, Department of Environmental Protection, June 30, 2020.