New Yorkers demand a clean ride for our kids!

Tell New York's leaders that it's time to ditch dirty diesel school buses!

Almost all of New York State's school buses currently run on dirty diesel fuel, which causes pollution that negatively impacts children's health and causes climate change. Diesel exhaust and its byproducts have been linked to respiratory diseases like asthma, cardiovascular illnesses, cancer, and higher mortality rates.

Children are especially vulnerable to these dangerous health impacts because of their developing lungs and the extended amount of time they spend on school buses. According to the CDC, asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism. Asthma alone can cost New York State's economy billions of dollars in missed work and school days, deaths, and medical costs.

Diesel pollution disproportionately affects low-income and communities of color, and children of color are more likely to not only ride diesel school buses, but be hospitalized for complications from asthma.

We have the opportunity to change that. Clean, zero-emission electric school buses provide a clear alternative to improve air quality and protect children's health. Our elected officials need to prioritize policies that would provide funding, cut red tape, and minimize costs for school bus purchases throughout the state.

Sign our petition to tell elected officials that New Yorkers demand a clean ride for kids!

Organized by:

New York League of Conservation Voters
Drive Electric Long Island
Mothers Out Front Long Island
Mothers Out Front Westchester Rivertowns
New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
WE ACT for Environmental Justice
League of Women Voters of New York
League of Women Voters of Westchester
League of Women Voters of NYC
Arbor Hill Development Corporation
Energy 21

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